Connect, Collaborate, Create

The Foundation enjoyed an amazing year in 2014. We raised more than $2.9 million from a record number of donors (including more than 600 new donors). We opened a record number of new funds, passed the $8 million mark in grantmaking and made unprecedented strides in our collaborations with other community organizations and local foundations.

2014 Community Foundation Annual ReportThe theme of our 2014 annual report, Connect, Collaborate and Create, tells our story. In the report, you’ll learn how we’ve been:

  • connecting our donors with the organizations most meaningful to them,
  • collaborating with other nonprofits to provide services to needy populations,
  • creating a better quality of life in the region through targeted and impactful grantmaking.

As always, in our annual report, we try to portray the breadth and depth of our reach in the five counties we serve. Our work touches on rural and urban communities, arts organizations and human services agencies, the very young, the very old and everyone in between. We make grants to a wide variety of charitable institutions, all of which do good and important work making life better in the Southern Tier. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our grantmaking and community outreach, recognizing that donors in Stamford, Cooperstown, Binghamton and Nichols all feel an equal desire to support community organizations and needs.

Increasing needs and shrinking resources make powerful incentives for collaboration. Early childhood services are disappearing, and parents are scrambling to find quality care. People living in poverty struggle with challenges so complex, no one organization can offer all the answers. Agencies responsible for public safety are seeking more efficient and effective ways to help residents during and after a natural disaster.

We have always emphasized the importance of collaboration in our grantmaking decisions. We ourselves readily collaborate with other foundations, advocacy organizations and service providers to find solutions to these and many more problems in our region.

We hope you will take a few minutes to read our annual report and review 2014 from our perspective. See what some of your friends and neighbors are up to, whether they’re donating to worthy causes, toiling in the nonprofit or public service sector or creating programs and projects to serve the community. Their commitment, dedication and hard work benefit us all.

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