Community Foundation Grant Stories

Schools and Communities Unite to Steer Kids Toward Success

In Broome County more than 25 percent of children live below the poverty line. While poverty may leave children malnourished, poorly housed and poorly clothed, the harm doesn't stop there. For low-income families, education doesn’t always work the way it should.

The Multi-Front Fight Against Opioid Addiction

As the Foundation's Needs Assessment notes, admissions for treatment of heroin addiction have soared in our region in recent years. Concerned community members have launched numerous programs to fight this epidemic, and their progress is encouraging.

What's Good for the River is Good for Us All

Many residents agree that if they can counteract centuries of flooding, erosion and sedimentation in the Upper Delaware watershed, they will achieve a whole range of goals—protecting the river environment, boosting recreation and tourism, keeping infrastructure intact and keeping residents healthy and safe.

Community Engagement: Connecting with Partners, Spreading the Word

As we all know, knowledge is power. After the Community Foundation published its 2015 Regional Needs Assessment, the logical next step was to share that report as widely as possible. The more people who learn about the crucial challenges we face in our five-county region, the greater our collective power to create solutions.

On the Road to Healthy Living, Many People Need a Lift

If you have medical appointments and you don't have a car, and there's no suitable bus route near your home, you might be out of luck. Sure, friends and family might sometimes offer rides, but there's only so much time they can spare.

Chenango Calls in the Reserves for Community Health

When the Army, Navy and Air National Guard took over part of Norwich in July 2016, they came not to deal with a military threat, but to render another kind of service—free medical care for people in need.

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