Advantages of Giving

The advantages and benefits are clear when you make your charitable gift through the Community Foundation for South Central New York.


At the Community Foundation we want to make it as easy as possible for you to meet your charitable goals. Whether you want to establish your own fund in honor or memory of a loved one or to address a particular community need, or simply make a gift to one of our funds, the Foundation can help you do it quickly and easily.


Do you want your gift to go towards grants awarded to nonprofits working in an area that especially interests you, such as the arts or human services? Would you like to recommend grants directed to a particular agency or organization? Perhaps you'd like to support scholarships for young people going on to higher education, memorialize a loved one, or contribute toward meeting some of our community's urgent needs. The Community Foundation can provide you with a giving option for each of these goals, and more. (Types of Funds)

Local, Personalized Service

We're right here in south central New York with offices located in Johnson City; and we are staffed and governed by local residents who care about our region and its people just as you do. We encourage all our donors to feel free to pick up the phone, e-mail or stop by any time. Were familiar with the region's nonprofits, the work they do and the issues they address, and are pleased to share that information with you.


Communities and their needs evolve over time. Nonprofit agencies that once filled an important niche in the life of the community may find themselves obsolete or even phased out entirely as circumstances change. Foundations that were set up in response to a particular problem may discover that their resources are no longer needed for that purpose. The Community Foundation is here for good, for ever. We're designed to be responsive to a wide range of needs and interests now and for future generations, and we'll be here to see to it that your legacy to the community fulfills its promise.

Tax Advantaged Giving

Because the Community Foundation, unlike a private foundation, is a 501(c)(3) public charity under IRS regulations, your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. And if you're in a position to make larger gifts, we offer a range of giving options to maximize the impact of your contribution while providing significant tax benefits.

You can establish or contribute to a Community Foundation fund through a deferred or planned gift, such as a bequest or charitable remainder trust, and receive significant tax benefits. Ask your professional advisor for details about these options; we'll be glad to take part in the conversation if you like.

Professional Management

The assets of the Community Foundation for South Central New York are managed by a highly qualified team of investment professionals, Graystone Consulting, under the direct oversight of the Investment Committee of the Community Foundation's Board of Directors. The members of the Investment Committee are community volunteers with solid experience in fiscal management. (View the Community Foundation's Investment Policy here.)

Types of Fund Options for Giving

How to Give

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