Gifts Promote Girl Power

Since its earliest days, the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation has made grants to support and empower not only adult women, but also the rising generation of girls.

Some of the programs we fund help girls gain skills and knowledge they will need to build successful futures, whether in careers or in their personal lives. For example, the Women’s Fund has provided money to WSKG for a program that got girls excited about science, technology, engineering and math—the STEM subjects.

In Waverly, we supported a program to cultivate young entrepreneurs. We also funded a series of workshops in Richfield Springs to train girls in life skills that ranged from healthy eating and good grooming to car care and sound dating choices.

Other programs that have gained our support have stressed character and self-esteem. Among them is “Girls on the Run,” a multi-county athletic program that we have proudly funded three times. We’ve also explored how to help girls develop healthy attitudes toward their bodies, thanks to a talk by health and wellness instructor Jennifer Wegmann at the 2013 Women’s Fund annual breakfast and then a Women’s Fund salon that Wegmann led.

Teaching girls how to keep themselves safe is another important focus for the Women’s Fund. Some of the workshops in Richfield Springs addressed that issue. So did a program on Internet safety that we funded at the Family Enrichment Network, and a violence intervention program for women and older teen girls, sponsored by Opportunities for Otsego.

Girls grow into women so fast, they leave us breathless. Members of the Women’s Fund want to make sure that the girls in our lives, and throughout our communities, grow up healthy, capable and strong.

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