The Community Foundation has gone digital! We now accept inquiries and applications on-line.

Grants Gone Digital Technical Assistance Power Point Slides

If you missed the Grants Gone Digital technical assistance workshops, or want to review the presentation, click here for the slides.

In an effort to increase our accessibility and ability to communicate on a more timely basis, we are implementing Foundant, our Online Grants Management system. Among many benefits we think you’ll appreciate is your ability to control organizational contact information; to draft, save and submit online applications; and to upload documents and reports.

For our Community Grantmaking the Foundation only invites proposals after reviewing a letter of inquiry. Prior to submitting a letter of inquiry through Foundant please review our forms and guidelines for grantseekers.

How to Get Started in Foundant

My organization is approaching the Foundation for the first time

  1. You will need the following to get started:
    • A username that is an email address*
    • Your contact information
    • Your organization’s information, including the EIN/Tax ID number (required)
    • Contact information for the organization’s Executive Officer
  2. If you are approaching us for the first time please go to Foundant, our online grants-management system to create an account.

My organization has received a grant from the Foundation in the past

  1. Even if you have received a grant from the Community Foundation in the past, you must create a new account in this system. Your grant history has not been carried over to this electronic format so your organization is starting from scratch.

I have been invited to submit a proposal

  1. After creating and logging into your account, you will either type in an assigned code for the program that you wish to apply to, or click on the link to the appropriate application.

I am unsure of my organization’s history with the Community Foundation

  1. If you are not aware of your organization’s history with the Community Foundation please contact Tina Barber by email or 607-772-6773.

My organization does not have the technology necessary for an on-line application submission

  1. Contact Tina Barber, Program Officer at 607-772-6773 to discuss alternatives.

Managing Your Account

How to Apply

  1. When a cycle is open and an application available, it will show up on your “Dashboard” after you log-in to the system. We won’t be activating any applications until January 1st, 2016. Alternatively, the Program Officer can provide your organization with an application code.

I have my login information and would like to submit a Letter of Inquiry

  1. Once you have logged-in to the system, check your dashboard for open grant opportunities. Click on the highlighted link for the open opportunity (e.g. Spring 2016 Community Fund) and complete the Letter of Inquiry. Alternatively, if it is an invitation-only application, the Program Officer will send you a code to enter in order to access the Letter of Inquiry.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your LOI, the Program Officer will review it and if it is approved, will send you the application that you will be able to access on your dashboard. If it is not approved, the Program Officer will contact you directly to discuss why.

What else can I do in Foundant?

  1. In addition to applying for a grant, you will also be able to:
  • Review your organization’s grant history
  • Fill out and submit progress and final reports
  • Track your grant application process
  • Communicate with The Community Foundation Staff when needed

Helpful Tips

Which browser is most compatible with Foundant?

  1. For the best user experience when accessing our Online Grants Manager, we suggest using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 14 or higher, Firefox 9 or higher, or Safari 4 or higher. It is fine to use Internet Explorer, but you may encounter some minor technical issues.


  1. We encourage you to read our FAQ’s (pdf) before beginning the application process.

Applicant Tutorials

  1. Watch this helpful Creating an Online Account Video Tutorial

Need help?

  1. Contact Program Officer, Tina Barber at 607-772-6773 or at any point in the process.

How Grant Seekers Raise Their Game

If you’re applying for a grant from the Community Foundation, Tina Barber could be your best friend.

“I am the person who helps you put your best application forward,” says Barber, the Foundation’s program officer. Since she doesn’t have a vote in funding decisions, she can work impartially to help all applicants sharpen their grant writing skills.

Toward that end, the Foundation’s main educational tools are technical assistance workshops. During each grant cycle, Barber runs three of those sessions in Broome County and one each in Chenango, Delaware, Otsego and Tioga. Capped at 15 people, so questions and answers can flow freely, the workshops introduce attendees to the funds that are open for proposals. Barber also walks participants through the application process.

Some people who attend are pleasantly surprised to learn that writing a grant isn’t nearly as hard as they had thought. “We’ve had tiny historical societies come to a workshop and say, ‘I didn’t realize I was eligible for this, and it wasn’t going to be a big, scary deal to apply,’” Barber says.

Besides giving new applicants a basic orientation, the workshops offer another advantage to newcomers and veterans alike, Barber says. “Because program officers like myself have seen so many applications, and have watched the process play out with our grant review panels, we can give them insight into how to frame their proposals—what panels like to see in applications, and what they don’t so much like to see.”

Those insights don’t involve what kinds of grants to ask for: the opportunities there are nearly endless. Rather, they focus on how to explain a request and document an organization’s needs.

These days, the workshops also cover how to apply for grants on line, using the Community Foundation’s new digital grants management system.

After the workshops, Barber may mentor some of the grant writers one-on-one. “I’ll often have a small organization that has attended a workshop send me a draft and a budget,” she says. She offers suggestions for improvement, going through several rounds if need be. “I have gone back and forth with some organizations and seen each subsequent submission become better and better,” she says.

Grant seekers who don’t have time to attend a technical assistance workshop can still get help with the application process, including support with the online system. Applicants are welcome to call Barber with any questions or concerns, she says. “There is always a real, flesh-and-blood person at the other end of the phone.”

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