Jonas Kilmer Mansion Restoration and Preservation Fund

The Jonas Kilmer Mansion Restoration and Preservation Fund was established in 2019 to support the preservation and restoration of the historic Jonas Kilmer Mansion in Binghamton NY.

One of the Last Grand Parlors of the Parlor City

“In 1890 many of Binghamton’s wealthiest families lived in palatial mansions just west of the Chenango River on Riverside Drive. At that time four mansions lined the south side of the drive…Three of the mansions are long gone…” –Treasures of the Tier

The Kilmer Mansion is one of the finest buildings in the Southern Tier. Part home and part castle, it features turrets and towers, a ballroom and balconies. Visitors will find fine stonework and masterful woodwork. The Mansion is never uninhabited, as lions roar on the exterior, gargoyles peek out from beneath the roof, dragons guard rooms, and painted angels dance across ceilings. An architectural gem, it is home to one of the last grand parlors of the Parlor City.

Jonas Kilmer and his son Willis built their exquisite mansions side-by-side, just west of the Chenango River on Riverside Drive. They were joined by the stately homes of the Rose brothers. The lovely Willis Kilmer and Edward Rose residences were torn down decades ago to make way for a high rise apartment building. The Robert Rose Mansion’s destruction followed in 1980. Not even its designation as a National Historic Landmark, or the strong objections of the Binghamton community, could save it. Today only a vacant lot remains.

Your Gift is Vital

Since 1950, Temple Concord has been steward to the Kilmer Mansion, saving it from the fate of its three sister mansions. The congregation’s care of the Mansion has preserved its stunning beauty admired by passers-by.

But look more closely. The columns supporting the east porch roof have large cracks and missing stones. The north terrace deck has a gaping hole (pictured below). The east porch and both terraces are now closed and unusable for the many activities they used to host.

The Mansion’s most striking features are facing permanent ruin. Now is the critical moment to restore them. Without these features, the Mansion would be only a shell of its former grandeur.

Restoration of the porches, terraces, and chimneys will cost around $750,000. Full restoration of the entire Mansion, inside and out, will be much more.

With your support, critical repairs and restoration will be completed. The Mansion will continue to welcome the public for tours, music concerts, and a seasonal museum. The lovely outdoor spaces will be reopened and available for both public and private events and celebrations.

You can make sure the Kilmer Mansion continues to grace Riverside Drive. That it doesn’t become yet another eye sore, a shadow of its former self, or a vacant lot. There is not a moment to lose.

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