Sally Brooks Legacy Scholarship Fund

The Sally Brooks Legacy Scholarship Fund, established in loving memory of Sally Brooks, will assist an exemplary junior or senior high school student from the Vestal New York School District, obtain a bachelor’s degree in an English related major from a public or private university in New York State.

Sally dedicated more than 20 years of her life to teaching in Vestal and devoted her life to her students. Here are the words of one of those students, John P. Maurer, recommending her for the 1990 Clarkson Award for Inspirational High School Teaching:

“Mrs. Brooks is excellent at the “hard” side of teaching, the side that is easy to measure. But she is a master of the “soft” side of teaching, a side much harder to quantify. She teaches you to reach for a success that is bounded only by your own imagination. She has an attentive ear for problems, a quick eye for the student in need of a little extra attention, and always tempers her teaching with compassion and sensitivity. Once, in a paper, I discussed some difficult aspects of my own life. Not wanting to stunt my development, she told me that the paper was very powerful and moving, and then let me know where she ate lunch if I needed any help in “structuring” the paper. I will always be grateful for the unobtrusive way she let me know she cared. Through the works she had us read, I have seen the world from new heights, and both my mind and spirit have been touched. Through writing, Mrs. Brooks allowed me to find my own heights, and to explore myself along the way.”


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